Calendar of Events for Eagle Explorers

Current as of February 2015

Example weekly programs can be found here -Click here for a detailed program January-June 2015

Month Date Day Details
September 16-18 Friday to Sunday Fall camp #1 at Earl Rowe Provincial Park
October 14-16 Friday to Sunday Fall camp #2 at Bronte Creek Provincial Park
29-30 Saturday and Sunday Workweekend at Camp Endobanah



12-13 Saturday and Sunday Annual FNE retreat at Marylake near King City
10 Saturday Pasta dinner and movie night fundraiser



6-8 Friday to Sunday Winter Camp at Camp Endobanah

26 Sunday Pancake breakfast fundraiser at Blessed Trinity Parish



18-19 Saturday and Sunday Winter camp #2 at Salvation Army Camp
01 Saturday Parent and youth banquet
6-18 Thursday to Tuesday Pilgrimage in Rome Italy for all interested male FNE members
29-30 Saturday and Sunday Work weekend at Camp Endobanah



19-22 Friday to Monday Spring Camp - location to be determined
26 Friday Eucharistic adoration for all FNE members
3 Saturday Car wash fundraiser
August 10-20 Thursday to Sunday Summer camp for all Explorers